Innovations for smart generations

In this school year, Lipa Mill is presenting a new innovation in its smart notebooks. It has prepared a free innovative mobile Application called SmartLines, which has the role of a school assistant. This Application helps the pupils and the students plan their school and extracurricular activities, learn and take advantage of personal organization.

The SmartLines Application is a Croatian innovation attracting great international interest and it is currently available in 16 languages. The potential of this was also recognized in Brazil, where the Application shall soon become available to a market with over 220 million people. We have shown that with effort and work, a small country like Croatia can offer global innovative solutions, which we are proud of. The main features of the Application are the timetable, daily, weekly and monthly planner, a scanner that makes it easy for the pupils and students to easily scan and share written materials, and keep informed about all the upcoming obligations in school and outside it.
The scholars can write down all their duties in the planner in the LipaMill notebook, and easily photograph them by using OCR technology, and the SmartLines Application will automatically save them in the digital planner. Along with the planner and notifications, one can still scan content from notebooks. During scanning, the Application automatically crops, adjusts the contrast and brightness of the photo, thus ensuring easy reading of the content and saving toner when printing.

SmartLines helps the scholars to cope with their obligations more easily, but it is also a great tool for the parents who find it much easier to track upcoming obligations in real time. Whether it is an exam, homework, reading, project, experiment, the digital planner has everything in one place. In addition, the content can be easily shared via Whatsapp or similar services. In this way, the scholars can share the content with their existing groups, students in absence or parents.

The most important thing to note is that this method of organization does not imply the use of the device during class, because the duties during the class are recorded in the planner found in every Lipa Mill notebook, and then later during recess or after school. Simply take a photo and the Application does everything else.

The Application is intended for LipaMill “smart” notebooks, which are easily recognized by the planner on the initial pages of the notebook and markers, or small marks in the corners of each paper.

Smart notebooks from Lipa Mill

We present the innovation with which we stepped from traditional paper into the digital world and created the so-called “smart” notebooks. In an age when absenteeism has unfortunately become something normal, in cooperation with the Croatian company for the design and development of mobile and web applications @Undabot, we have developed the Application enabling easy scanning and sharing of written materials, thus facilitating education for all the scholars.

The Smartlines Application combined with premium Lipa Mill notebooks with built-in markers enables the scholars to easily scan and digitize their written notes and share them with whomever they wish. The Application actually automatically crops the image and optimizes contrast and brightness to ensure easier content reading, better visibility and ultimately turns learning into the fun.
The Smartlines Application is not intended only for pupils and students, but for everyone who needs to scan their recorded data that they want to share with family, friends or colleagues.

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Lipa Mill for Banovina

Wanting to help those whose homes were destroyed by the devastating earthquake that hit Banovina, we have decided to donate our products in order to send the scholars there at least a small sign of support and hope that better days will come.

Lipa Mill’s new visual identity

The new visual identity of the Lipa Mill brand marks another milestone in the hundred-year evolution of the brand. With the introduction of a new and modern design, this rebranding presents Lipa Mill as an advanced brand dedicated to digital communication, innovation and commitment to constant product quality. Look for our new logo on notebooks from the current collection and on our social networks.


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